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Compañía 1390 of 1902, Santiago.

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In these Fiestas Patrias, our monitors will be in charge of games specially prepared for children of different ages, Toddlers (3-5 years) Mini-Club (6-9 years) and Geo_Aventura (10-14 years). We will also have the traditional sports schools, soccer tennis. For large, there will be competitions tennis, soccer, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing, among others.


For children and teenagers, the Teen Pub located between the building and Sailing Mainsail South, electronic games, taca tacas and table wear, work from 11:00 to 23:00.


In the lagoon, we trampolines (Supertrams) plus the Rockit and Revolution, where the use of "life jackets" be obliged and particular, must be brought by each family.


There are also alternatives for adults



In the gym, there will be Spinning classes. In the pool of the pyramid will AFS Thursday, in the field of dance classes entertaining Amphitheater, and the first floor of the lighthouse, Yoga classes, from Thursday to Sunday.


In the Aquarium and for lovers of good food, enjoy our three restaurants, the North Bay Pub with his specialty in seafood, the pastries and sandwiches SubAqua and South Bay Pub with sushi, tapas and cakes.


In San Alfonso del Mar, there is a world of activities and entertainment for the whole family.


In addition we are preparing for this summer 2013, have extra-curricular activities, we hope to enjoy.



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